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Player -True----- False

P1 -----Mouse1 Mouse2
P2 -----Q------------W
P3 -----E ------------R
P4 -----T ------------Y
P5 -----U -------------I
P6 -----O ------------P
P7 -----A -------------S
P8 -----D -------------F
P9 -----G -------------H

Arrows and Enter Navigate Menu

The 'On Trial' Player (Guy with papers) enters if the current statement is true or false about them with their buttons, the other players must guess if the statement is true or false with theirs. The game in its current state runs for 30 questions.

What is it: A couch multiplayer version of 'never have I ever' in an absurd 'legal proceedings simulator' wrapper. Best played after a couple of beers with people you know... but not too well.

What went right: Banging the gavel is really satisfying, the music track by Harri can be described as nothing other than a banger and including up to 9 people is an achievement....but...

...What went wrong: Game is a wobbly tower of bugs that is hard to make changes to because of the 9 players everything gets checked against. Didn't have time in the game-a-week schedule to fit in an announcer voice and more question packs like I'd hoped and the visuals are bland. Still works though.

Art and Programming by me
Music tracks by Harrison Osborne

More information

Published Feb 16, 2016
TagsLocal multiplayer, Multiplayer, party, Split Screen
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 9


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