WASD to walk and move levers on certain equipment
F to interact
Use the equipment to develop some of my photos! I suggest starting with turning on the red light so you can see better, and getting together everything you need to expose a negative onto some paper, and then develop it in the trays of chemicals!

Here is a game about hiding in the darkroom in 2014/15, when I was studying photography at technical college getting ready to leave my hometown for university.

We had one of the last functional darkrooms for study, and our tutor Lisa taught us everything from taking the photo to actually printing it by hand, in the basement of the school among bare cinder-block walls, animal bones, and piles of junk she liked to call 'subjects'.

I wanted to make this game to share with you the feeling of being in this room, enclosed and alone, free to throw on some sad songs and make some art. I had a lot of healing to do at this time in my life and I did most of it in this darkroom, where nobody could find me or judge the photos I was working on. Except Lisa, who really got me. I have included 10 photos I actually took in this period, I'll tell you the story behind them later. 


Original upload description:
WASD and F to interact, there are 6 photos for you to develop, exposed at random from the enlarger. This game is very unfinished and some parts aren't user friendly. My advice is start by turning the lights on so you can see, and find something to put in the enlarger's negative tray.


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