Major Wager is a game I made in a week about horse racing set in my grandparents' home of Richmond. It has almost 200 horse names with infinitely randomised personalities and music by Harrison Osborne.


Select a horse and click 'Bet 10' to increase your wager on that horse. If that horse wins, you will receive double your bet plus your bet multiplied by the horse's Odds (Total number of races divided by wins)

Payout = your bet + your bet + (your bet * odds)

The Race

Each race day has randomised wind speed, humidity, and heat. Different horses have varying resistances to these elements so a horse that performs well on hot days may fall behind on cold days. Clicking the race banner at the top of the screen will toggle the view between 'Wind Speed' and 'Heat/Humidity' modes, though you can always eyeball the sky, as heat and humidity correspond to the RGB values of the atmosphere. (And wind speed affects the movement of the clouds)

Horses and Sabotage

Horses are assigned a name from a list of around 200 and given random attributes and resistances. If drunk they will be less coordinated and sometimes even run backwards, if sabotaged they will...well...I'll let you find out. Some horse names (like 'Amanda Muruste') are gifted and will always have beneficial stats. (And if you have a horse name suggestion, you should consider supporting the game and emailing me)

Sponsoring Horses

You can sponsor a horse for 1000 times its betting odds + Their total wins, which is to say that horses with higher chances of winning cost more to sponsor. Once you own a horse you can spend 10 cash at a time to improve its acceleration and resistances. You do not receive a bonus if the horse you own wins, and you can only sponsor one horse at a time.

Major Wager is dedicated to Fergus Miller, a beautiful soul who played all my games, encouraged me, made me feel welcome, and brightened the lives of everyone lucky enough to know him. He suggested many of the horse names in this game, and to my knowledge still holds the highscore. I will always remember him and the way he believed in me.

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GenreSports, Racing
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TagsAlternate History, Arcade, betting, gambling, horse, horse-racing, mobile, Mouse only, wagering
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InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


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