Move abroad to help your Uncle Philipe with his removalist business! He doesn't speak english, so you'll have to learn some French, German, Swedish or Turkish words to keep your job! (and maybe make some friends as well!)


WASD + Space to move and interact

F5 to restart game


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Uncle 2 MB


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Bokhyvel (book slicer)? Det heter ju bokhylla ju XD

Book slicer, for slicing pages for books you know!


i wish there was a game like this to learn spanish this is so cool. thankyou!

You should add Spanish! I mean, I love learning Swedish, but Spanish is fairly common for other people to learn! GG, though!

Fun game, but easy after you learn the pattern and use a tiny exploit. Would be cool to have other languages in the future.

What a kind video! A lot of things are a bit confusing and unfinished but thanks for sticking with it long enough to make this (and adding some chirpy music, which I quite enjoyed) :)

I keep getting a black screen after taking the baggage to the gate. Is this supposed to happen and am I missing something. or-?

Hiya, some friends have told me they're having this issue too, particularly on macs. The download .zip version should let you start the game if you've selected a language and acquired the luggage, sorry you got this bug and thanks for checking out my game!

I'd like to play it too, but unfortunately the downloadable file doesn't work for Mac :(

Ah gosh that's right, rebuilding this for mac is on my list, thanks for reminding me!

A cute little game, if a bit lacking in content as far as I can tell. Really difficult too! I made a quick video on it here: