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You should add Spanish! I mean, I love learning Swedish, but Spanish is fairly common for other people to learn! GG, though!

Fun game, but easy after you learn the pattern and use a tiny exploit. Would be cool to have other languages in the future.

What a kind video! A lot of things are a bit confusing and unfinished but thanks for sticking with it long enough to make this (and adding some chirpy music, which I quite enjoyed) :)

I keep getting a black screen after taking the baggage to the gate. Is this supposed to happen and am I missing something. or-?

Hiya, some friends have told me they're having this issue too, particularly on macs. The download .zip version should let you start the game if you've selected a language and acquired the luggage, sorry you got this bug and thanks for checking out my game!

A cute little game, if a bit lacking in content as far as I can tell. Really difficult too! I made a quick video on it here: